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Domain Forwarding to a Custom Domain

Plexus is one of the fastest growing weight loss and supplement companies. The problem is that the name for your Plexus site is not easy for your customers to remember and share. This can lead to lost sales and more work for your customers. This ... [Continue Reading]

When is Rebranding Right for Your Business

The thought of rebranding your business can be both frightening and sometimes exhilarating. For large corporations, rebranding can cost millions of dollars and can have both negative and positive connotations. In this article I'll explore the reason ... [Continue Reading]

Facebook Advertising Image Sizes

Facebook advertising image sizes range from 100 x 72 pixels to 1200 x 1200 pixels. Creating the perfect ad can be confusing for those not using an agency. Facebook's own documentation for advertising images is often misleading. Facebook recommends an ... [Continue Reading]

Think You Don’t Need A Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Many business owners still think they don't need a mobile marketing strategy Our friends over at SlickText have created one of the most comprehensive infographics showing the opportunities a mobile marketing strategy creates. 32 reasons to have a ... [Continue Reading]